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Marketing Degrees and Courses: A Comprehensive Guide

A marketing degree encompasses many different subject areas, including business, arts and psychology and is becoming an increasingly popular postgraduate subject. A postgrad qualification in marketing can lead to an array of career options, not just within the marketing sector. Postgraduate marketing courses are aimed at those who hold an undergraduate degree in a relevant field of study such as marketing of a general business degree, or those who hold sufficient experience in the marketing industry. In this guide, we take a look at postgraduate marketing courses, the subtle differences between various qualifications and how to search and find your ideal business marketing degree.

Why Study a Postgraduate Marketing Course?

Marketing combines a number of different subject areas. One of the primary aims of marketing is to understand the customer and the market, so fields such as consumer psychology, economics and sociology are all important to a marketing course. If you have ever wondered why some people shop in one store, but patronize other stores, or only buy certain branded products, then a degree in marketing is for you. It’s questions like these that a postgraduate marketing student will be answering. Marketing isn’t solely concerned with branding and advertising, rather it is involved in studying and improving every way companies interact with their customers, employees and other stakeholders. Marketing draws on many different academic theories from a selection of subjects, so it is also an excellent degree for those who are unsure of their career path or who would like to keep a variety of options open. A postgraduate marketing course could lead to a range of careers as your customer focus will be valued by all employers.

Types of Business Marketing Degree

The most popular postgraduate business marketing degree is a masters in marketing. A masters degree in marketing typically lasts one-year if studied full-time or two or more years part-time and allows you to build on the knowledge that you developed at undergraduate level. Available as either an MA (Master of Arts) or MSc (Master of Science), generally you choose to specialise in a particular area of marketing. This is a great opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge of a particular area and place yourself at the front of a particular industry, although the skills that you will pick up along the way are easily transferable, making a masters degree in marketing a very valuable qualification.

Whilst a masters in marketing is the most popular type of postgraduate marketing degree, many other types of business marketing courses are available. A postgraduate diploma in marketing is a challenging, yet rewarding marketing qualification that shows specialist professional knowledge in many areas of the marketing industry and provides a route to Chartered Marketer status.

Finding the right Masters in Marketing Degree

With so many postgraduate marketing courses to pick through, it’s sometimes difficult to find one that suits you. Searching through each institution’s website, compiling information like course fees and length takes time. StudyLink’s intuitive course search tool allows you to search through thousands of courses at the click of a button. Use it to find a marketing masters degree that ticks all the boxes. When looking for a postgrad marketing course, pay particular attention to what areas you can specialise in. Many institutions have lecturers and academics who are specialists in a particular marketing field, so by attending a university with a relevant expert academic, you stand a better chance of achieving the first step on your chosen career path.

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