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Masters in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur’s have been becoming increasingly fashionable over the past few decades. The likes of Sir Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg have shown the world a different side of international business corporations and many now feel they should pursue a slice of the proverbial pie. As such, a relatively new business degree has emerged, designed for those wanting to enhance their creative business minds and get in on the international business game.

How is a Masters in Entrepreneurship taught?

Masters in Entrepreneurship are typically taught courses. Whilst you will be expected to complete your own reading, you will normally be guided through seminars, lectures and tutorial sessions. Many courses, such as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IAE) degree at the University of Warwick, offer the chance to complete a practical project which significantly counts towards your final grade. This way of teaching helps to develop your research and analytical skills. It also allows you to work on and develop your own business idea whilst being guided by tutors and lecturers. Institutions offer different learning environments, some of which are more suited to some than others. By using StudyLink’s course search tool, you can find the Masters in Entrepreneurship that suits you.

Why Study Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurial qualities are in short supply, especially amongst graduates. As such, companies are always on the lookout for those who can apply tried and tested approaches onto new business proposals to increase their chances of success. A masters in Entrepreneurship can provide you with these skills and enhance your business knowledge, increasing your employability and improving your ability to start a new business successfully. If you choose a course which allows you to develop your own project, you may be able to launch your own business upon graduation.

Finding an Entrepreneurship Course

With an ever-increasing number of Entrepreneurship courses to choose between, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find the right one for you. Masters in Entrepreneurship courses vary significantly depending on the institution it is taught at. By using StudyLink’s course search tool, you can find the one that matches your requirements. Find and compare the entrepreneurship degrees that suit you, make a note of the university open days and arrange to attend them.

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