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Metropolia offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes conducted in English. Application period for studies is once in a year. Master's degree studies are aimed at especially for those who have Bachelor’s degree. Studies can be carried out along with regular work. The duration of the studies is usually two years.

A bold reformer of expertise and an active builder of the future

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, educates the professionals of tomorrow in the fields of Culture, Business, Health Care and Social Services, and Technology. In our community people and worlds meet to create insight, expertise and well-being for both the world of work and life in general. Our operations are guided by our values: expertise, high quality, community spirit and transparency.

Practicality, internationality and innovativeness are keywords at Metropolia. In Metropolia you study for work life and after graduation you are in an excellent position in the job market. Metropolia invests in high quality teaching. Here you can experience the real spirit of doing things.

Metropolia and its teachers have the best company and work life networks. Through these networks you have access to trainee posts and projects, which enhance your professional skills. As Metropolia has a vast partner school network around the world, it is possible to complete part of your studies or do your training period abroad.

The majority of Metropolia's students are able to secure their accommodation with the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS). HOAS is an independent organisation which provides housing for students in the capital region. 

Metropolia does not have housing services to offer. Thus it is the student's responsibility to find an accommodation for the period of their studies.

Finding suitable accommodation in the Helsinki area can be challenging. It is therefore vital to start the preparations as early as possible.

Please see more information on the accommodation possibilities for degree students and for exchange students.

On 15 December 2015 the Finnish Parliament has decided to impose tuition fees for non-EU/EEA citizens. The fees will concern non-EU/EEA degree students who start their studies in English-taught Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in August 2017 or after that. Metropolia UAS offers scholarship system for non-EU/EEA students.

Per each degree programme it is agreed that 50% of the applicants coming outside EU / EEA countries, having the most successful results in the entrance examination, will receive a full exemption from the tuition fee in the first academic year, if they have applied for the scholarship. 

During the 2.-4. academic years, a scholarship covering 75% of the yearly tuition fee will be granted provided that the student has accrued:

  • a minimum of 55 credits (ECTS) during the previous academic year (ending on 31st July​) in a Bachelor degree programme. The study credits must be included in the degree. This  scholarship scheme during the 2.-4. academic years also applies to those students accepted as degree students through the Open Application Path process.
  • a minimum of 25 credits (ECTS) during the previous semester (autumn semester ending  31.12. and spring semester ending 31.7.) in a Master degree programme. The study credits must be included in the degree. 

In years 2-4, the remaining 25% of a student’s tuition fee may be waived if the school determines that it is justified based on social, health, or other reasons.

Our partner universities’ students, with non-EU/EEA citizenship, who study in international double degree programs, or through bilateral agreements at Metropolia, will be granted a full 100% scholarship. However, the 100% scholarship policy does not apply to those applicants of international double degree programmes applying through the Finnish joint application system ( They are subject to payment of the yearly tuition fees, and the normal scholarship practice will be applied in their case.

  • Total enrolled: 16500

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Student Reviews

Fikeraddis Lemma, Electronics - Bachelor of Engineering

Testimonial from Fikeraddis Lemma, Electronics - Bachelor of Engineering, student at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

1) How did I choose my study place?

Technological innovations were one of the most amazing facts for me starting from my childhood and also working on electrical things which is more of practical learning method was my interest.

2) Highlights and challenges of my studies:

Life as a student is an amazing experience .I learned and gained different knowledge in many aspects. Challenges are one way of learning things, of course difficulties may happen but all depends on our way of solving the difficulties. I can say there were no challenges regarding my studies at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, as the teachers and my friends were next to me in every problem related to my studies.

3) My future plans:

I am really interested to work in diverse environments which bring a new idea of exploring world and technology. My interest lies on manufacturing medical electronic equipments.
I have also plans to see how the other countries give knowledge for their engineering students and want to experience the culture of other nations.

4) What I want to say to you who is considering studies in my field?

Generally, studying Electronics is the way of knowing how the real word is working which means it shows you the way to follow technology.

Jing Zhang (Cherry), Master's in Logistics Management

Testimonial from Jing Zhang (Cherry), Master's in Logistics Management, student at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

"After my graduation from Logistics management, I have been working in the logistics field for over 10 years, also in different countries. When I came across this program, I felt it is the time to move forward and develop myself further. The program turned out to be so well-planned, that all it needs from a student is his/her personal commitment. There are plenty of assignments that keep us busy, however we are never left alone. The faculty members are always with us, and they pour all their hearts into the program and give us excellent support whenever we need. Although a 9-month Master’s program sounds impossible, they make it possible for us. This journey is short and definitely not easy. It requires commitment, real efforts and a little bit of sisu! But the results are rewarding".

Nancy Nieminen: Third year Bachelor of Social Services student

Testimonial from Nancy Nieminen: Third year Bachelor of Social Services student, student at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

My name is Nancy Nieminen and I am a third year Bachelor of Social Services student. I have had good guidance, tutoring and support from a multi-professional team of lecturers who have empowered, encouraged and supported me throughout my studies. I have gained support and strong bonds of friendship through cooperation and sharing with my classmates. During my studies and work placement experiences oriented in social pedagogy, I have developed various competences as a Bachelor of Social Services so I can fully participate in the social field in areas such as, community work, family, youth and childhood support work, for example. Additionally, the opportunities from my study exchange experiences in Germany and Uganda exposed me to learning and sharing knowledge with an international and multicultural perspective.

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