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  • BAFull-timeSeptember3 - 4 yearsCNY 80000 year

Notes about fees for this course

Other costs

Text books: flat fee of 2,500 RMB per year. If your books do not total this at the end of each academic year, you will be refunded the difference.

Accommodation costs: Approximately 5,000 - 13,000 RMB per year, depending on the type of accommodation.

Compulsory insurance: international undergraduate students need to pay 600 RMB per year.

Course Information

BA English with International Business

English is the global language of business with companies around the world increasingly expecting their business executives to have a high level of spoken and written English.

This course offers you the opportunity to combine your flair and love of English language and literature with your desire to deepen your understanding of important business issues and concepts.

You will combine your study of English with modules offered by Nottingham University Business School China, which is part of the Nottingham University Business School in the UK, one of the best business schools in Europe.

By the end of your course, you will:

  • develop a good understanding of the nature and uses of English, in particular in the contexts of entrepreneurship and business
  • be highly knowledgeable on the theory and practice of business management with a particular focus on international business issues
  • have an understanding of the way in which organisations might be made to operate more effectively in the modern world
  • gain language skills, knowledge and analytical abilities that are attractive to potential employers with global aspirations.

Please note that this is a highly selective course with limited places.

Entry requirements

How to apply

Course structure

For domestic Mainland Chinese students the course structure follows the Chinese higher education system and is based on a four-year programme.

For international students the course structure follows the UK higher education system and is based on a three-year programme.

Please note: This degree structure and modules may be subject to change.

Year one (preliminary year)

This year is not compulsory for students with appropriate qualifications for year two entry.

In the preliminary year, the focus is on a special programme and English for academic purposes. Designed by staff at the University's Centre for English Language Education, this programme prepares students for their degree courses.

Year two (qualifying year)

This year the emphasis is on understanding how the English language works and, in particular, how English varies according to context and purpose. Students are introduced to the theory and practice of business management.

Students must take all modules in this group:

Students must take 40 credits from this group:

Year three (part one)

The focus is on a thorough understanding of communication in the context of entrepreneurship and business. Students develop the ability to apply interpretive techniques to a range of texts. They develop their understanding of the role of economics in decision making and learn the importance and techniques of marketing.

Students must take all modules in this group:

Optional modules

Choice of 20 credits from this group:

Choice of 10 credits from this group:

*P12412 Marketing Management is a pre-requisite to P12CPB The Consumer Psychology of Brands.

Year four (part two)

Students undertake a research project which would allow them to investigate how the English language functions in professional contexts, using some of the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills they have acquired over the previous two years. They develop their understanding of strategy and strategic management, as well as the theory and application of human resource management.

Students must take all modules in this group:

Students must choose four modules from this group:

Careers and further study

Studying international business with a strong focus on English language prepares our graduates for a wide range of careers in global organisations and companies around the world.

Our graduates are highly successful in going onto further study and careers at prestigious institutions where advanced communication skills, analytical abilities and cultural awareness are highly sought after. Of the 31 undergraduates who graduated from the School of English in 2014 and continued onto postgraduate studies, 68% were admitted by world top 100 universities and 45% by world top 40 according to the 2013-14 QS World University Rankings. Typical graduate career destinations include: business and finance, journalism, publishing, teaching, internet and ecommerce, government and public institutions.


For further information, please contact:

Margaret Dowens Margaret.Dowens@nottingham.edu.cn

Entry Requirements For This Course

Entry requirements for our courses vary depending on your school qualifications, which determine your entry into either the preliminary year (year one) or qualifying year (year two).

The University has a wide understanding of school-leaving qualifications from overseas countries and works closely with the British Council, both in the UK and abroad, to ensure all applications are properly considered. For entry requirements relevant to your country of origin, please find your home country or regions first. If your country is not listed, please email us on international@nottingham.edu.cn.

Some courses have specific requirements and you can check these on our course pages.

In addition to the academic requirements, you will also need to meet our English language requirements.

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