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About Applied Physics (BSc) at University of Twente

Understanding physical phenomena by unravelling the laws behind them ? and then applying these laws in practical situations: that's what our Bachelor's programme in Applied Physics is all about.

The Bachelor's programme in Applied Physics at the University of Twente is a three-year programme. It was been acclaimed as the top Dutch programme in its field for four years running.

What is Applied Physics?

Applied physics begin where regular physics ends. As a specialist in applied physics, you will not only analyze physical phenomena, you will also explore the laws behind them, understand those laws and find ways of putting them to practical use. One of the key questions you will keep asking yourself is how you can apply certain physical phenomena.

The language of applied physics is mathematics, while its main tool is the experiment. In order to analyze and apply natural phenomena, therefore, you have to be well-versed in math and physical experiments. That's why we include mathematics in our programme from the very beginning and spend a lot of time experimenting during our practical sessions.

Applied Physics in Twente

In Twente, the practical application of physics takes centre stage: you will not only gain insight into natural phenomena, but you will also learn to experiment and with the laws behind these phenomena. Our project-based educational model blends theory and practice in a unique way.


Are you curious what our students think about the programme? Watch the video below to find out why Liesbeth chose to study Applied Physics at the University of Twente and what she likes most about the programme.

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