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In recent years the demand for computer animation specialists has grown due to the advancement in the world of film, computer gaming and special effects. In return the demand for specialist animation degree programs has increased. Many students choose to study subjects such as computer animation degrees and 3D animation courses.

Many people opt to take a 3D animation course at the undergraduate study level; however, lots of institutions do offer 3D animation courses at the postgraduate study level too. Undergraduate degrees can take between three and four years to complete, whilst postgraduate degrees take around one year to complete.

Throughout the duration of a 3D animation course students are introduced to a range of topics such as digital art, animated thinking, moving image, specialisms for 3D, planning and post production, and visualisation. Most institutions will also encourage students to undertake a work placement during their third year of study so that they can apply their obtained skills, from years one and two, directly to the industry.

Entry requirements to a 3D animation course vary depending on the institution and the country in which the degree is awarded. Most institutions will require previous educational experience in any area, and it is normally an advantage if you already have experience in the computing and animation field. You may also be asked to write a letter of intent to support your application or sit an entrance exam. You are advised to contact the admissions team at the university you are applying to for more information about entry requirements.
Graduates from a 3D animation course often work directly in the field as a 3D animator. Job roles vary depending on the type of 3D animation the graduate is most interested in. Some students go on to be involved with 3D animation feature length movies, whilst others prefer to work in short sketches that could be used for adverts or websites. There is also the possibility for graduates to work alongside computing specialists for the creation of video games. Salaries of 3D animators differ depending on the country in which the degree is awarded, and the individual skills the animator has gained.

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