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Business analysis is the process undertaken for a business to become aware of their needs and solutions to their business problems. The analysis is usually concerned with the organisation, tasks and strategy of the business or company.

Individuals will need an undergraduate degree in a related field such as business, and can also complete an exam to become a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP). This is not compulsory, however, is recommended for further career progression as a business analyst. You can also choose to study a postgraduate business analyst course to further your knowledge, or an MBA program which specialises in business analysis.

Studying for a bachelor’s degree in business analysis can take up to 4 years depending on the institution you apply to. MBA and postgraduate degrees usually take around 2 years of full time study to complete.

Most business analyst courses focus on modules that enhance the students’ mathematical, management, problem solving, and creative thinking and communication skills. The main purpose of the degree is to educate students about analytical methods, information technology, problem structuring and solving, and consultancy.