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Executive MBA Programs

An Executive MBA (EMBA) is a postgraduate degree aimed towards working professionals, managers and entrepreneurs. Most EMBA classes are held in the evenings and over the weekends to allow students to pursue their career throughout the week. Most students studying an EMBA are in the middle of their career looking to increase their career options or enhance their business skills.

This type of MBA is usually taken in the middle of a career path, and almost never at the beginning of a graduates career. Those students wishing to study a postgraduate business degree before their career starts should consider studying a traditional MBA Program.

Executive MBA Programs can be more expensive than a traditional MBA program and financial aid can be gained through applications to scholarships and help from your employer.

Depending on the institution you wish to apply to, the entry requirements will vary. Most universities will expect applicants to already have a degree level qualification and at least 4 years work experience in a related business role. However, you are advised to contact your desired institution for more details.
Upon completion of an Executive MBA Program, students tend to continue in their job role with the possibility of promotion to accept more responsibility or leadership. There is also the option to advance your career in the industry once completing the EMBA.

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