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Full Time MBA

The traditional MBA program is offered to those students who wish to expand their knowledge of the business world through an advanced yet flexible method of studying. The MBA is offered in three main study modes; full time, part time and online/ distance learning.

The full time MBA can be taken over the course of up to two years of full time study depending on the country you wish to study in. Some business schools offer students the choice to study an express MBA course which can be completed in as little as six to twelve months. These courses are better suited to those individuals who are eager to progress into a career after completing their studies.

General topics covered throughout an MBA program will include basic business concepts, marketing, finance, economics and human resources. At some point during the program, students will be given the option to specialise in a certain field and will be given the choice of certain areas of study such as consultancy, operations management, logistics, entrepreneurship, and business law.

Entry to an MBA program will vary depending on the institution you are applying to, and you are advised to speak to a member of staff at the university for a full breakdown. However, most institutions will require prospective students to already possess an undergraduate degree in a related field of study, and some relevant work experience. You may also need to complete the GMAT test and have a minimum IELTS score if the course is taught in English, and English is not your first language.
Many graduates of full time MBA programs leave university to pursue a career directly in the field of business. They often adopt managerial roles within a wide range of industries, covering jobs such as marketing manager, operations manager, team leader, project manager and human resources manager.

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