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With the Master of Business Administration (MBA) being one of the most popular Master’s degrees, students are now looking for more ways to differentiate themselves. The increasing demand has lead to the traditional MBA having specialisation areas; such as the Global MBA Program.

The Global MBA is a postgraduate degree program that offers study and placement opportunities in other countries, making it a viable option for those looking to pursue a career in various international business environments and cultures.

Global MBA programs can take one to two years, with topics covered including economics, marketing, quantitative methods, operations management, accounting and finance. Throughout the program, students are expected to gain skills in strategic thinking, communication, entrepreneurship and leadership.

The requirement for admission into a Global MBA program varies between schools, but normally, GMAT or GRE scores, full-time work experience (minimum of around three to four years) and the applicant’s GPA from his or her undergraduate degree are taken into consideration. Other documents typically required include recommendation letters, an essay and the applicant’s resume.You are advised to contact the institution you wish to apply to for more information on entry requirements to a Global MBA Program.
Graduates of a Global MBA program can be employed across various industries, with some of the most popular being IT, financial services and consumer products. Job roles can include consulting, marketing and sales, general management and operations.

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