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MBA in Marketing

An MBA in Marketing is a postgraduate degree type aimed towards those professionals looking to increase their business knowledge, in particular in the marketing field. Marketing MBA Programs can take up to 18 months to complete through a full-time course, and up to 3 years for a part-time course.

Modules throughout the Marketing MBA focus on generic MBA topics, as well as some specialised marketing and communications models. Students will learn more about marketing policies, targeting marketing, marketing across cultures and political environments.

The MBA in Marketing Programs are organised to suit the needs of the working student, meaning most classes take place in the evening and throughout the weekends. Sometimes there is also the possibility to take the MBA program online from the comfort of the students’ home.

To gain entry to a Marketing MBA Program you must have a degree level qualification or equivalent in any subject area. Depending on the institution that you apply to you may be required to have work experience, or already be in a professional role in the industry. You are advised to contact the institution you wish to apply to for more details about entry requirements.
Students with an MBA in Marketing are well equipped with the skills necessary to obtain a job in the marketing industry at a higher level. Most graduates gain roles as a marketing manager, branding manager, marketing research analyst, sales manager and media planning manager. Those students who already have a job role in the industry will be more likely to gain a promotion and level of responsibility after completing the degree program.

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