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MBA in Netherlands

Students that want to study an MBA in Netherlands have 20 business schools to choose from, with one business school being ranked in the top 50 by the Global MBA Rankings 2015. Most business schools in the Netherlands offer MBA courses to students with a wide range of study modes and specialisations on offer.

If taken as a full time MBA students can expect to study for at least twelve months full time. Alternatively, the part time MBA can take up to three years to complete. Popular MBA specialisations include marketing, healthcare management, finance, and retail management.

Taking an MBA in Netherlands is a great choice for international students due to the cultural diversity seen throughout the business schools in the country. The Netherlands is also home to many highly regarded institutions, three of which rank in the European Business School Rankings 2015.

Entry requirements to an MBA in Netherlands will vary depending on the institution you are applying to. Those business schools that rank highly internationally will generally have higher entry requirements. Most business schools in the Netherlands will require students to have already gained academic and practical business experience, and will normally also require proof of English language proficiency. GMAT test scores are also taken into consideration, as well as entrance interviews and written letters of intent for the application.
Career prospects for those students deciding to take an MBA in Netherlands are high, with most graduates gaining managerial roles in various businesses. International career prospects are also high for those students studying for an MBA abroad in the Netherlands. An MBA in Netherlands will equip international students with many skills needed in the business world, such as communication, leadership and responsibility; all crucial to be able to effectively manage a team of people.

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