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The UK is home to over 80 business schools that pride themselves on their teaching standards and course quality. A majority of these business schools offer various types of MBA programmes, with 9 UK business schools having their MBA courses ranked in the top 50 of the Global MBA Rankings 2015.

The UK makes an excellent study abroad destination for those students wishing to study an MBA abroad, with many institutions offering MBA courses both part time and full time. Students that choose to study an MBA in UK can also specialise their studies in areas such as healthcare management, marketing, finance or retail management.

Taking an MBA in UK can take anywhere between twelve months and three years of study to complete depending on the university and the course chosen.

Entry requirements for an MBA program in the UK will vary depending on the institution you are applying to. The highly ranked institutions will generally have higher entry requirements due to the number of applications made and the number of places available. Most MBA programmes in the UK will require students to have previous business experience academically as well as in the industry, and will also require students to provide proof of their English language ability. GMAT scores are also taken into consideration and some institutions will require students to write an application essay.
Students that have graduated from an MBA programme in the UK can gain many professional roles within most businesses and will have easier access to managerial roles. Studying for an MBA in the UK also enhances an international student’s career prospects globally within international businesses. MBA programmes in the UK help students to gain leadership skills, communication skills and responsibility skills needed to effectively manage a team of people.

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