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MBA in Healthcare Management

An MBA in Healthcare Management is aimed at those professionals looking to enhance their knowledge of business management with regards to the healthcare industry. Like a traditional MBA the course is run over an 18 month period on a full time basis, or a 3 year period on a part time basis. Classes are usually held in the evenings and over the weekends to allow students to pursue a career alongside earning the degree.

The modules focus on general MBA subjects, but centre the approach with relevance to healthcare concepts. Some modules include finance, management, health policy, marketing, leadership and medical technology.

Depending on the institution you wish to apply to, the entry requirements may differ. You are advised to contact your preferred institution for more details about their individual entry requirements. Generally speaking Healthcare MBA applicants must already hold a degree level qualification or equivalent. Some institutions also require students to have a minimum of two years work experience in the healthcare industry.
Those students taking a Healthcare MBA will be able to progress quicker in the healthcare industry. Most graduates achieve roles in healthcare before undertaking the MBA, and are most commonly business or operational staff. It is also possible to take the MBA if you are a physician as it allows you to make business decisions throughout the job role.

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