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Foundation courses are designed to prepare you for a university degree or further study. If you don’t meet all the admission requirements for your undergraduate degree – such as language proficiency – then a foundation degree will allow you to get the skills you need. Some foundation courses will also guarantee you entry into the first year of your degree.

Bridging courses are usually short, intensive courses that help you get the assumed knowledge you need for your further university study – such as economics theory, or examination skills. A bridging program or pre-university program is useful if you are returning to study after some time. If you’re planning on studying a Masters degree, a pre-masters program may also be useful.

StudyLink offers you choice of foundation, bridging and pathways to university programs and courses worldwide:

  • Compare online each foundation, bridging and pathways program you are interested in
  • Approved course descriptions and up to date fees and entry requirements
  • Make contact and apply to your chosen course from the contact information provided

Which foundation, bridging and pathways to university course is right for you?

We have selected foundation, bridging and pathways to university courses at different levels of cost, location and reputation for you to compare and apply to online.

  • Subjects required – Varies by course, level and institution – see course descriptions for further details
  • Tuition fees – Typically from US$8,500 per year for a foundation degree but others vary by length, location, course, level and institution
  • English level* – IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 513 (paper) 183 (computer) – depending on level and institution

*Students with a lower score may still be accepted if they complete an English language course or a foundation year before going on to their chosen degree.

Types of foundation, bridging and pathways to university course

Most foundation courses are combined with some language study, so you’ll be able to develop your English ability while you settle into university life.

Some foundation programs are offered by specialist private or government-funded colleges. Others are taught on a University campus, so you can access the library and computer labs, as well as the support services and social clubs. Foundation courses usually take one year to complete, while bridging courses may just take a semester.

You should expect a university-style of teaching, such as lectures and tutorials. These will help you develop your study skills.

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