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The antecedents of the university were Leeds School of Medicine, founded in 1831, and Yorkshire College of Science, founded in 1874. These combined in 1884, eventually to form a constituent part of the federal Victoria University (founded 1887). The university received its charter in 1904.

Admission to first degree courses

Through Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Acceptable levels of literacy are required for all degree programmes, together with specified requirements for individual degree programmes.

Subject Areas

Art, Design, Media and Communication
Biological, Biomedical and Sports Sciences
Bioscience Biomedical, Biodiversity and Biotechnology
Business, Management, Finance and Economics
Chemistry, Food Science and Nutrition
Education, Sociology and Social Policy
Engineering and Computing
English, History and Humanities
Geography, Environment and Earth Studies
Languages, Cultures and Societies
Law, Criminology and Politics
Mathematics and Physics
Medicine, Dentistry, Psychology and Healthcare
Modern Languages and Translation Studies
Music, Theatre and Performance

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