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Distance learning programs are growing in popularity. It’s studying abroad – without the abroad!

Many students find that the pressures of work, family commitments or other pressures mean it is impossible to go overseas for an international education. But you can still realise your dreams with a distance learning course. Many internationally recognised universities offer distance learning degrees, and as long as you have the discipline and self-motivation to succeed, you will get just as good an education as your on-campus colleagues.

Distance learning colleges use the latest communication technology to connect you with other students and with your teachers. Download lecture videos, listen to podcast tutorials, use the internet to discuss assignment ideas with students from all over the world. All from your own home, in our own time.

StudyLink offers you choice from over 600 quality distance learning programs and courses worldwide:

  • Compare online each distance learning course you are interested in
  • Approved course descriptions and up to date fees and entry requirements
  • Make contact and apply to your chosen course from the contact information provided

Which Distance Learning course is right for you?

We have selected over 600 distance learning courses and degrees at different levels of cost, location and reputation for you to compare and apply to online.

  • Subjects required – Varies by course, level and institution – see course descriptions for further details
  • Tuition fees – range from US$8,500 to US$25,000+ per year for distance learning programs – short courses may be considerabley cheaper
  • English level* – IELTS 6 or TOEFL 550 (paper) 213 (computer) – depending on level and institution

*Students with a lower score may still be accepted if they complete an English language course or a foundation year before going on to their chosen degree.

Types of Distance Learning course

University distance learning courses can lead to a Bachelor, Masters or Post-graduate degree. You can even study an MBA by distance learning! Or you can study languages or get a diploma qualification through distance learning colleges. No matter what you want to study, you will find a distance learning option. Just make sure the distance learning course is accredited through a well-known university or college or by the local educational authority.

Some distance learning programs will take longer to complete than the on-campus equivalent. This is great if you want to study part-time at your own pace, but means you need to stay motivated on your own for some time. Although distance learning will save you money on airfares, accommodation and the cost of living in an expensive city, you still need to budget for tuition fees and textbooks, and the technology you’ll need to access the course.

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